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February Newsletter

This month's newsletter will be about gorgeous (and easy) crafts for toddlers, pre-schoolers and older kids.These crafts will are a great boredom buster with great fun results :)

1. Nature Brushes 2. Leaf Nature Beings 3.DIY Bees House

1. Nature Brushes

What an awesome idea for outdoor play. Collecting small branches, leaves and flowers not only will help the little ones pay attention to the surroundings, but also learn in a fun way about the surrounding nature. Once all desired items are collected, tie them together on top of the branch to secure them, and then you're all set to go, to dip them in paint and see all different brush strokes.

2. Leaf Nature Beings

Pick you favorite leaves in the garden and have fun drawing silly faces on it. Giggles will be definitely on the menu.

3. DIY Bees House

Did you know, not all bees live in hives? It's estimate about 1600 species of solitary bees live in Australia, they don't have a queen or workers, they nest in small spaces and they are great help to pollenise the garden, for vegetables and fruit trees. So, by building a small "hotel" you'll invite them over, and they will be great help to your garden. This example was built with a can, paper, string and decorated with paint.

I hope you'd enjoyed these simple crafts as much I loved finding them for you. Don't forget to mention to your friends, that might like doing a bit of DIY or simple needing ideas to keep their little ones screen free for a little bit while having fun learning.

Just a quick note: Ekokidspaced In is undergoing a small rebranding, where the only few changes will be with the name, to shorten to EKOKIDS, and aslso we are very excited to be working behind the scenes on a new website to enable the AfterPay payment. Our ethos and mission will be the same, we're just improving on the online experience side.

Well, that's all on my end.

See you soon,

Much Love




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