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Practical Tips for Plastic Free July

This month July, a tide of plastic awareness starts sweeping across the globe.

Why? Because people throughout the world start signing up for Plastic Free July, and there's a wave of optimism, hope and enthusiasm that comes too. That energy turns into discovery, realisation, commitment to change and then to action. New habits are born. People start using less plastic, and for many, they keep on using less plastic long after July has passed. With every year, the plastic-free movement gets stronger!

1.Cloth Packaging for Fruit and Veggies

The prospect of not using any plastic for an entire month may sound impossible — and unfortunately, it pretty much is. But that's not meant to be discouraging. It's meant to show that Plastic Free July isn't about perfection (and neither is the zero-waste movement), so don't let the fear of not being perfect hold you back from trying. Instead, it's all about reducing plastic in a way that works for your lifestyle — while still challenging yourself, of course.

You can also reduce your plastic in a few different ways: you can avoid single-use packaging, you can avoid the "big four", or you can aim to go completely plastic-free. single-use plastic is a pretty significant problem at the moment, meaning there's no better time to get involved. According to blogger Kathryn Kellogg from Going Zero Waste, a great place to start is with the Big Four: plastic bags, water bottles, straws, and coffee cups. These changes are all much easier than you think — it's just a matter of replacing your existing habits with new habits. Make it part of your daily routine to pack a tote bag, a reusable water bottle, a reusable straw, and a reusable coffee cup on any day where there's a chance you'll buy something or need a coffee.

Step outside your comfort zone this month by talking about Plastic Free July with your friends, family, coworkers, barista, and that stranger in the grocery store who's staring at your reusable produce bags with a confused face. Keep a positive attitude, and tell people in your life how excited you are to be reducing your contribution to plastic pollution this month. You can also spread the word on social media using the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly.



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